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Welcome!  This group, started in 2006, is maintained by the Lord Nelson Victory Tug (LNVT) Owners Association.  It is open to all LNVT owners (past and present), potential new owners, and enthusiasts. You do not need to join the Association in order to join this group.


To join this discussion group, please send an email to tugs+subscribe@lnvt.groups.io Please include your real name, home port, and your reason for joining. A welcome message will appear on the message list after your membership has been processed, and you are encouraged to introduce yourself and your interests by replying to that message.

About Lord Nelson Victory Tugs

Built from 1983-1988, the Lord Nelson Victory Tugs have developed a strong following. Owners and enthusiasts love the blend of charm and romance of a working tugboat combined with the comfort and convenience of a pleasure yacht.  The cruising range and fuel economy is typical of a trawler. Their classic good looks and hand crafted wood interiors delight everyone who sees them.

About the LNVT Owners Association

In 1999 tug owners Tom Blackwood and Mitch Page started contacting owners in the Pacific Northwest in order to socialize and share information. Today the Association remains an all-volunteer organization, bringing together a small worldwide community of LNVT owners. All available information about each tug has been recorded, along with the history of the LNVT fleet.  We believe that recording and sharing information about our beloved tugs (individually and as a fleet) helps us maintain their beauty and value. Membership is open to LNVT owners, wannabees, enthusiasts and friends.


For more information please visit the Lord Nelson Victory Tugs Owners Association website.


The group is moderated by:


Macy Galbreath,  LADY 37VT8

Phil de l'Etoile, BRAVE DUCK, 37VT67

John Howell, NELLIE D., 37VT63


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